Auctions in Boston, MA

Auctions in Boston

Do you have a business full of equipment, an inheritance full of vehicles or farm machinery, a property you need sold immediately, a unique collection that needs a large audience, or a lot of items that you would like to see sold all in one setting to the highest bidder?

We are fully bonded and Licensed Auctioneers and can hold an auction in Boston for any type of item you are looking to sell. Do you need an auctioneer for a charity auction? We do that too! Home

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How It Works

These are the steps taken for us to conduct an auction:

This is when our team looks over the items or property you want us to auction.


If we are interested, we will present you with a plan based on what we believe to be the value of your property. We also factor in the amount of work needed for what percentage we will need in order to conduct an auction.


Your auction will be advertised in many different areas and to our existing mailing list. Our goals are aligned to make sure the auction is packed with people.

Sorting & Display

The items will be sorted and itemized in order to properly and easily keep track of what was purchased and by whom. They will also be displayed in a easy to navigate way so that we can have previews of the items to create more interest.

Holding the Auction

We will conduct the auction on site or in certain circumstances we will rent out a space and bring all of the items there if that is deemed necessary. We make the auctions fun, because auctions are supposed to be fun! We will get top dollar for you!


When the auction is over and all items have been paid for and the accounts are settled, you get paid! The best part!

We will take care of EVERYTHING!

If you have items, property, or real estate you want gone
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