Cleanouts in Boston

Property Cleanouts in Boston

Do you have a home or property that is full of junk that needs to be removed? Well “The Estate Kings” has discounted agreements in place with amazing junk removal companies throughout New England. With our amazing rates we will oversee and negotiate to make sure all of your items are removed quickly and carefully for the lowest amount possible. We are the best Cleanouts in Boston.

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How It Works

This is the process for getting all of your junk removed from your property:

Set up appointment

Please explain the current junk situation you are in and if possible we would love to see photos. Depending on the amount of junk we will have a junk company meet with us at the location.

Analyze the situation

We will walk the property with the junk company to figure out how many trucks or dumpsters are needed in order to empty the property.

Negotiate contract for removal

We will work with you to figure out the best possible price for removal and when the removal will take place.

Take out or sell valuables

We will (if possible and allowed) go through some or all of the items on the property to see if there is anything of value. If there are lots of great valuable items we will either purchase them or potentially hold an estate sale (which will lower your cleanout costs).

Get your place emptied

Either after an estate sale or just with a cleanout, your place will be emptied. If you are interested in selling the property now that it is cleaned out, we do that too!

We will take care of EVERYTHING!

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